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Coega puts people first in promoting equality, diversity, and human rights in the workplace - published 21 Mar 2023

Coega puts people first in promoting equality, diversity, and human rights in the workplace



Gqeberha, South Africa, 21 March 2023 - The Coega Development Corporation joins the rest of the country in commemorating Human Rights Day 2023. This year’s Human Rights Day commemorate the Sharpeville massacre of 1960 with the theme: “#LeaveNoOneBehind - walk for your rights.” Therefore, as we reflect on the progress we have made in terms of human rights and social justice, we honor the legacy of all the activists who fought for the right of a just, equal, and peaceful workplace. As an organisation, Human Rights Day is an opportunity to renew our commitment to the fight for human rights and social justice in the workplace, says Coega’s Corporate Services Executive Manager, Mokgaetši Sebothoma.

Coega’s strategy is perfectly aligned to support Human Rights; and it is centered around promoting equality and respect for human rights in the workplace. Some of the important human values we embrace include, amongst others, open communication, and respect. Furthermore, Coega takes pride in promoting human rights through its recruitment, remuneration and rewards policies; and in the process root out discrimination, adds Sebothoma. Inclusivity, gender parity and equality that fosters a sense of belonging among its employees in the workplace are achieved by setting targets for the recruitment and retention of women.

Change is inevitable, therefore, at Coega we monitor trends and best practices on the best value proposition that prioritizes the rights and wellbeing of all employees while promoting a high-performance culture. Furthermore, at Coega the following Batho Pele principles are sacrosanct, and form part of our culture; and these include consultation, service standards, courtesy, openness, and transparency, to name a few. Moreover, this month, Coega took the Premier’s Special Recognition Award for the contribution and impact of its work in communities, and the Premier’s Discretionary Award for the 2021/22 “Clean Audit” at the Batho Pele Service Excellence & Innovations Awards in East London, concludes Sebothoma.

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