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Opinion: Msi Boltina - Not Your Average Joe - published 30 Jan 2023

Msi Boltina - Not Your Average Joe

Msimelelo Boltina is a Forensic Auditor at the Coega Development Corporation as well as a published Author and Motivational Speaker. At the age of six, he was burnt in a fire, causing serious disfigurements to his face, head, hands, and feet. Twenty years later, he was left paralyzed from the chest down after a car accident.



Gqeberha, South Africa, 30 January 2023 - I am Msimelelo Boltina; better known as ‘Msi’. I am an author, speaker and champion of the rights and interests of people living with disabilities. Before everything, I am a father and a spouse to Somi, whom I started dating in 2010 and married four years later.

I authored a book, titled "Baptised in Fire", which was published in May 2020. The book, in summary, is a motivational and true account of an unwavering fortitude and triumph over two horrible catastrophes that occurred 20 years apart. In fact, anyone who has ever dealt with a life-altering incident or is now going through a challenging situation and cannot see a way out, should read it.

I passionately believe that your current situation only determines the place you start from, and not where you are going. As an author, I am firmly of the view that climbing every mountain or stumbling block starts with the conscious decision to do so.

My book seeks to encourage people to embrace their discomfort and walks them through any storms they may be facing. Were it not for this additional life changing event, I would never have been able to completely understand and unleash the thunderbolt of my potential.

As mentioned, I am a motivational speaker and I cover inspirational topics such as You are not a Tree – Move! Through this topic, people uncover the ways in which they construct and generate mental roadblocks that prevent them from leaving their current situation.

The Giant Within is another topic that I cover, where interested people can discover that despite how large our issues may seem, we all have the capacity to overcome them. Learn how our upbringing, experiences, education, and socialisation contribute to the development of the Giant Within.

The Timing is always Perfect is one of my favorite sessions, where I get to share insights about the most valuable resource we have, which is time. I talk about learning to value and appreciate time. In fact, my view is that when we take care of our valuable resources, it is never too late to seek the things that will give our lives fulfillment and significance.

In comfort, I rose is another great topic of mine, where I believe we can learn more about the risks of cocooning ourselves in our comfort zones and how that prevents us from advancing towards our objectives and becoming better versions of ourselves.

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Guava Juice, is one of the most relevant topics I believe we all need to learn because life does not always provide us with easy pathways. Obstacles and curveballs are common in life. Learn how to overcome challenges in your career and use that knowledge to advance your career.

How could I forget – Unlearning Stereotypes. Through this topic, one learns that everything you understand and hold on to, to be true, has been acquired via learning. This session teaches us about the harmful stereotypes we acquire and how they contribute to the instability of civilizations. The session teaches us how to break out of these negative stereotypes.

If you have not yet read my book, please grab yourself a copy or if you are interested in my services on the topics explained above, please contact me for more information: 082 682 0554/063 687 4938 or email [email protected] for bookings.

Msimelelo Boltina is a Forensic Auditor at the Coega Development Corporation (CDC), a developer and operator of the 9003ha Coega Special Economic Zone, with headquarters in Gqeberha, and strategic operational footprint in South Africa and beyond the borders on the African continent. Coega has supported him throughout his journey as a person living with disabilities. Coega has a dedicated programme to support employees living with disabilities in line with its vision of being a leading catalyst for the championing of socio-economic development.

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