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Coega Maths and Science Programme alumni continue to excel - published 14 Sep 2022

Coega Maths and Science Programme alumni continue to excel


Left to right: Aphelele Sithole (third year Analytical Chemistry student), Nwabisa Maphumulo (qualified Pharmacist and Pharmacy Assistant) and Sisipho Makwetu (an Industrial Engineering graduate). With the help of the MSP, these are just a few of the alumni who have demonstrated significant capacity for development and are excelling in their endeavours.



Gqeberha, South Africa, 14 September 2022- The Coega Development Corporation (CDC) is proud to announce that beneficiaries of the Coega Maths and Science Programme (MSP) continue to excel in critical fields like Science, Technology and Engineering.

The Coega MSP is a flagship CSI programme, contributing to communities in terms of education and skills development. Since its inception in 2013, the Programme has successfully contributed to an increasing number of learners undertaking studies in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by giving them the opportunity to improve their matric results (Mathematics and Physical Science).

“The long-term objective of the organisation’s participation in empowering young minds, specifically through education, training and skills development is to increase the quality and quantity of young professionals who can become the next generation of specialists in different strategic fields within the Eastern Cape and across the country,” says Eldon September, Coega Mathematics and Physical Science Facilitator.

One of the three featured MSP alumni, Nwabisa Maphumulo (25), originally from Gqeberha but living and working in Cape Town, obtained her qualification in 2019 at Nelson Mandela University and is now a qualified Pharmacist, employed as a Pharmacy Assistant. “I learnt about the Programme after receiving my matric certificate. I was dissatisfied with my maths and science results, so I started searching for places to help me improve them. The institutions demanded money, which I did not have. I went to the university to apply for any course that I could qualify for; one that was not already full. I met someone there who told me about the Coega Programme. He said he had been in the Programme the previous year and had passed, so I went to apply for the Coega Programme. I was so excited because I now had a variety of career options to choose from,” shares Nwabisa.

“Without the Coega Programme, I would not be where I am today. I would have probably pursued something I was not passionate about. I managed to find a job in my field of study,” adds Nwabisa.

Another MSP success is Aphelele Sithole (22) from Kwanoxolo, Gqeberha, who is currently pursuing his third year of study in Analytical Chemistry at Nelson Mandela University. He outlined that, “the only solution to overcome my low marks was to enrol in the Coega Programme, and I am so happy that I am pursuing something I enjoy. The programme is free, and the facilitators are skilled individuals who were able to help me improve my marks in Maths and Physical Science”.

Lastly, Sisipho Makwetu (24), from Gqeberha, graduated with her degree in Industrial Engineering last year and is currently working for a tyre manufacturing company. Sisipho explains how the Programme changed her life: "I had always dreamt of becoming successful. When I received my matric results, all the courses that I qualified for with the marks I got were full. That’s when I decided to upgrade my results instead. The Coega Programme came highly recommended, so I applied. The Coega Maths and Science Programme helped me structure my life and my goals, and the teachers were dedicated to ensuring our success.”

Sisipho urges that learners can change their lives if they want to. “It’s not the end of the road for you, you can decide to improve your marks through the Coega Maths and Science Programme.”

“The Maths and Science Programme has meaningfully contributed to transforming young lives, which is in line with our ultimate role of helping them pursue stimulating occupations that will not only benefit them personally but also improve our society,” concludes September. One hundred learners have enrolled in the 2022 Coega MSP and are currently writing their September trial exams in preparation for finals.

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