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Coega Skills Development Centre adds six accredited courses to offering - published 10 Aug 2022

Coega Skills Development Centre adds six accredited courses to offering


Learners at the Coega Skills Development Centre at the Coega SEZ, in Gqeberha



Gqeberha, South Africa, 10 August 2022 - The Coega Development Corporation’s (CDC) Skills Development Centre (SDC) recently announced it has been granted accreditation by the Quality Council for Trade and Occupations (QCTO) for six new skills programmes, ranging from NQF level 3 to NQF level 4: Coded Welder; Shielded Metal Arc Fillet Welder; Plumbing Hand; Assistant Handyman; General Residential Repairer; Domestic Water and Drainage Pipe Repairer. “The SDC is built on the CDC’s 23 years’ experience in the provision of unique and tailor-made socio-economic development solutions,” says David Lambaatjeen, CDC SDC Training Manager.

Furthermore, the CDC SDC now offers Professional Cookery as a full National Certificate (NQF level 4) accredited by the Culture, Arts, Tourism, and Hospitality Sector Training Authority.

The SDC is located at the Coega Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Eastern Cape city of Gqeberha, with mobile capability to provide its services throughout rural and urban South Africa. In line with the CDC’s vision to be a leading catalyst for the championing of socio-economic development, the Coega SDC was established to contribute to the alleviation of socio-economic challenges through skills development and ancillary services.

The six-month NQF level 4 Coded Welding course contributes to the development of the national skills pool and the shaping of a structured integrated coded welding programme to be implemented nationally. The NQF level 3 Shielded Metal Arc Fillet Welder programme offers 40 credits following successful completion of the 50-day course; this type of welder produces a variety of flat fillet welds with carbon steel and stainless-steel materials.

The 61-day NQF level 3 Plumbing Hand course concludes with 49 credits and fits into the larger framework for plumbing skills and competencies. The NQF level 3, General Residential Repairer has 31 credits and a 37-day duration covering general residential maintenance.

The primary aim of these skills development courses is to offer unemployed youth an opportunity to access employment or become entrepreneurs, thereby contributing to the improvement of livelihoods and ultimately, economic development. Funding is a key enabler for the Coega SDC to execute its training mandate. Currently, the SDC solicits funding in the form of conditional grants from various SETAs. “When funding is approved, the CDC Recruitment and Placement Unit scouts the Gateway 2 Opportunity (G2O) database for suitable candidates,” explains David. Companies can enlist the services of the SDC on a fee-for-service basis.

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