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Integrated Management Consultancy Services 

Coega Strategic Solutions (CSS) offers a fully scalable suite of integrated management consultancy services – from turnkey delivery to strategic support in a single area. With the support of these services, the Coega Development Corporation delivers on time and on budget.

The Coega Strategic Solutions Management Consultancy works in partnership with the managers of government departments, municipalities, parastatals and private partnership to help them deliver on their strategic goals. CSS Management Consultancy has the tools to identify the factors hampering delivery and performance, and to collaborate with the client to find solutions, and then to help implement the solutions.

Superior Management Consultancy Services

CSS Management Consultancy Services include:

     Organisational strategy formulation, review, analysis and implementation
     Compliance – advice on compliance within legal and policy frameworks
Programme and project management
Change and stakeholder management
Business development and capacity building
Process design and analysis to enhance efficiency
Data services
Business Park Offices services
Procurement management

5 Reasons to Choose CSS Management Consultancy

1.    A proven operating model which includes sales, delivery and support teams through analysis of existing businesses, operational
        and strategic bottlenecks and other potential problems;

2.    A track record of delivering project management within the budgeted time, quality, specification and costs;

3.    “Off the shelf” ICT management solutions – helping organisations to take full control of all aspects of their operations;

4.    To deliver and advise on Key Performance Areas and indicators; and

5.    For professional development of business plans and strategy.

Solutions for Your Business

CSS will provide a tailor made solution for your business or choose from a range of innovative management consultancy programmes developed by CSS, including:

     SEZ Toolkit – an example of the holistic approach taken by CSS. The toolkit is designed to fast track SEZs in South Africa and
        the rest of Africa. The “SEZ in a box” provides practical tools and support for SEZ proclamation, permitting the development of
        strategic and operational plans, Institutional Development, and SEZ Operation
Enterprise Performance Management
Integrated Programme Management
Supply Chain Management
Asset and Maintenance Management 

Do you require management consultancy services to take your business to the next level? Explore opportunities with Coega Strategic Services

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