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The Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park (NMBLP), managed and operated by the Coega Development Corporation, provides infrastructure and services mainly to the automotive manufacturing industry. By providing integrated logistics services and infrastructure, the NMBLP assists manufacturers to reduce automotive manufacturing costs and improves suppliers’ competitiveness. 

Advantages for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry

The vision of the NMBLP is to obtain economies of scale for the automotive manufacturing industry through centralisation of different functions, and to reduce costs by shortening and improving the supply chain. Some examples are:

•     The cost advantages and increased process stability to OEMs;
•     Cost synergies, an improved environment and strategic position to suppliers;
•     Additional business opportunities for service providers to reduce operational costs; and
•     Strengthening of the automotive industry and job creation for the community.

The NMBLP has been developed as a government project with further participation of institutional and private sector investors. The development is in the industrial area of Uitenhage. The main portion of the park is industry specific for the automotive manufacturing sector..

The The NMBLP offers investors in the automotive industry an automotive supplier park that:
•     Services the requirements of Volkswagen South Africa and other assemblers by attracting Just In Time (JIT) and JIS suppliers;
•     Close proximity to Volkswagen South Africa and ISUZU offering logistical and cost advantages;
•     World class top structure solutions; 
•     Full range of shared services; and
•     Competitive lease agreements for new purpose-built buildings in the Uitenhage CBD

Opportunities in Automotive Manufacturing

Investors in Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park take advantage of the following:

•     Globally Competitive Prices and Services;
Environmental Sustainability;
Purpose-built Facilities;
ICT-enablement and Services; and
Shared Logistical Services

To explore opportunities at NMBLP, contact Mr. Mfundo Piti at:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +27 41 403 0400
Fax: +27 41 403 0401

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