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Sectors for Investing, South Africa

Coega offers dedicated clusters within the Special Economic Zone, which are especially designed to support business investing. South Africa provides world-class industrial infrastructure at Coega, including intermodal transportation linkages, cost-effective bulk services and serviced land available for industrial investors to start construction. Dedicated clusters ensure maximum efficiencies. Costs are reduced through the sharing of services. Coega is focused on these investment sectors:

•    Automotive
General Manufacturing
Business Process Outsourcing

Global Business Opportunities in South Africa

Coega is a government-funded project designed to create a preferred destination for manufacturers and other companies focusing on the global market-place. Global manufacturers choose Coega for the best business opportunities in South Africa, because we offer:

•    The most modern deep-water port in Africa;
•    The latest telecommunications links to the world;
•    Dedicated electric power; and
Direct links to the South Africa’s national rail and road networks that stretch into the rest of Africa.

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