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Robust and effective governance is the cornerstone of the CDC’s continued success in value creation – providing both investors and stakeholders with the assurance of stability and sustainability. The CDC Board provides the organisation’s vision and strategic direction, playing an active role in defining and monitoring the organisation’s annual performance objectives and targets, which map the road towards achievement of the five-year strategy.

The diversity of backgrounds, networks and experience of the Board members ensures a well-rounded collective with significant insight into business and industry, economic affairs, politics and government, infrastructure development, finance, investment and sustainability. Members bring an appropriate mix of the range of specialist expertise required to guide the organisation in its diverse activities, and the Board benefits from the insight and institutional knowledge of its long-standing founder members. Board members are carefully selected not only for their specialist expertise and knowledge, but their in-depth understanding of the socio-economic development challenges of the Eastern Cape and South Africa, and the complexity of managing mega projects such as the Coega SEZ as a mechanism for responding to those challenges, all of which is vital for the organisation’s ability to deliver value to its diverse stakeholders.

The CEO and Executive Management Committee (EXMA) are responsible for overseeing the operational execution of the corporate strategy and implementing decisions of the Board. Day-to-day operational responsibilities are delegated by the CEO to the Executive Managers, and the CEO regularly reports to and engages with the Board and Board Committees, ensuring a free and transparent flow of information to support informed and integrated decision-making at all levels.


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