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Vision, Mission, Values


To be the leading catalyst for championing of socio-economic development.


To provide competitive investment locations, facilitate holistic infrastructure and value-adding commercial business solutions.


It makes sense to take advantage of strategic business development services and space offered by a Special Economic Zone driven by solid values.

1.    IntegrityOur organisation is based on global good governance and business principles. We believe in transparency, and have a zero tolerance for corruption.

2.    Innovation – We strive to find new ways to enhance our strategic business development offering to investors, and to leverage socio-economic growth. We are not content with the tried and trusted. To be a growth catalyst we need to explore new ideas, technologies and thinking.

3.   Partnership – We understand that working together we can do more. We have the long-term support of the South African Government behind us, and our partners in finance, construction and service delivery share our passion and commitment to succeed.

4.    Service ExcellenceWe deliver. That is our promise, and we strive to provide our investors and partners with a world class service 24/7. We cultivate a “can-do” attitude.

5.    Sustainability – We are as committed to people and planet as we are to profit. Our entire organisation business model is based on being able to deliver sustainable, strategic business development to the region in the long-term. We are always cognisant of the effect of development on the beautiful Eastern Cape environment, and the need to improve the lives of local South Africans living in this region.

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