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South Africa is presently one of the world’s most exciting Energy markets. A key component of the South African Integrated Energy Plan is the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), the Department of Energy’s (DoE) 20 year master-plan, which outlines new energy generating capacity from a range of technologies like, renewables, natural gas and nuclear.

The Eastern Cape is endowed with good resources for a diverse energy mix. The CDC plays a central role in advancing readiness for the realisation of various transformational energy-related initiatives, which include generation and manufacturing orientated projects for Energy sector. This aligns to the broader CDC mandate, anchored on advancing industrialisation through stimulating local content manufacturing. Key focus areas include:

     Locate LNG & Gas-to-Power power solution at Coega

     Build socio-economic linkage to Indigenous Gas Prospects

     Central in Nuclear Readiness Programme to support Thyspunt

     Expand Renewable Energy implementation to drive socio-economic growth

     Leverage lessons from Dedisa PPP & REIPPPP experience of the region

Gas Readiness at Coega

The 2015 Ministerial Determination allocated 3 126 MW to be generated from Natural Gas.

The CDC, and various State organs, including DoE, Eskom and CEF have conducted extensive preliminary work to advance the Readiness of Coega to locate a Gas-to-Power Project. The project entails the generation of over 2 500 MW of electricity, which would satisfy the bulk of the Eastern Cape electricity requirements.

As part of CDC’s preparation to locate the LNG facilities and Gas to Power Plant in the Coega SEZ & Port of Ngqura the organisation has identified three sites within the SEZ. These are in close proximity to the Port, sub-stations and services corridor.

The CDC has identified various opportunities in the Gas-to-Power value chain. These include the onshore and offshore opportunities that will add value to the economic development.

There is advanced industrial capability in the Province as well as in the Coega SEZ; providing an important offtake market for the gas hub. Furthermore, Coega is home to the DEDISA substation, which is vital infrastructure for injecting large amounts of power into the grid.


Green Initiatives at Coega

Coega has a mix of wind farm investment projects planned with an overall capacity of 183 MW, a 12 MW Photovoltaic (PV) solar farm, with Bioenergy projects in the pipeline. The Coega Solar Rooftop Project entails the installation of solar solutions on the industrial buildings in the Coega SEZ and Nelson Mandela Bay Logistics Park.

Coega Readiness for Nuclear Localisation

A prominent component of the IRP is the requirement for 9 600 MW of new nuclear capacity. Thyspunt, which is 90 km away from the Coega SEZ, has been earmarked as a likely location for the nuclear fleet in South Africa. CDC has identified advanced component manufacturing and localisation opportunities.

The CDC leverages innovation and business ecosystems and strategic collaboration – to enhance competitiveness and attractiveness as investor location of choice for Energy projects, while it ensures that it remains relevant to the developmental trajectory of South Africa.


For investors who wish to take advantage of opportunities in the Energy Sector:

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