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Global companies streamlining their operations are opening the door for major supply chain and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) opportunities, and the CDC has moved decisively to attract investment to its high-tech, purpose-built BPO park.

The CDC has invested heavily in developing space and world-class infrastructure to meet the needs of a sustained organisational focus on investment attraction and retention for back of office operations outsourcing. The results are remarkable as the Coega SEZ now boasts premium space for BPO operations uniquely complemented by high levels of human capital, state-of-the-art technology and connectivity, and the complex infrastructure needed for excellence in BPO service delivery. 

As a result, the CDC has positioned the Coega SEZ as the go-to destination for BPO in South Africa. Coega’s BPO Park facilities are first-class and come at a competitive price. The Coega BPO Park is fully equipped to offer the best solutions for BPO services. Locating in the Coega SEZ means more than just access to facilities, but an accompanying lifestyle and positive investment environment to meet any investor’s needs.

The Coega BPO Park is Ideally Situated for Business

     Robust power and telecommunication infrastructure;
     A database of skilled workers – over 4 000 of whom have direct telephone skills;
     Space customised to user requirements at competitive rates;
     In-house recruitment, selection and training;
     Training and development support;
     A range of incentives;
     A thriving data centre for management, monitoring and operation of ICT infrastructure, as well as reporting and performance management;
     Proximity to other investors and supply chain
     A cafeteria and restaurant

A basket of other locational assets make the Coega BPO Park an ideal space to invest. Already a major South African BPO operation has located in the Coega SEZ, Discovery Health, leading to sector growth for the city of Nelson Mandela Bay and the Eastern Cape Province.

Locating a business here means tapping into a huge reservoir of resources – tangible and intangible – and for BPO investors, Nelson Mandela Bay in particular offers these locational assets:

A deep pool of BPO-specific skills:

     Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth) region is home to over 28 000 English speaking students;
     English is widely spoken by the population in a neutral and clear accent; and
     Afrikaans, another local language related to Dutch, German and Flemish, is widely  spoken and suitable for a European market Place;
     It falls in the European and UK time zones and has time zone compatibility with Greenwich Meridian Time +2, within a two to three hour 
       time difference of many major European countries;
     Culture of working 24/7;
     Cosmopolitan lifestyle;
     World-class schools and training facilities, including a major university;
     National and International field sports;
     A well-established industrial and tourism sector;
     Well-maintained city infrastructure;
     Accessible housing and transport facilities;
     Top restaurants, shopping centres and leisure facilities;
     Ideal for domestic/regional expansions and start-ups;
     Ideal for large captives and offshore companies, specifically in the English- speaking markets (USA and UK); and
     Recreation facilities.

Added to these locational advantages, contact centres in the region also have the lowest attrition rate in South Africa of less than 2%; and are recognised as some of the most productive in Africa.

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